Cloning Autoflower plants

Hey I was wondering if anyone here has had luck cloning Autoflower plants? So far they don’t seem t do well for me, but I have never cloned. Since you need to wait until a plant is 3 or 4 weeks old to clone, I am thinking there is not enough vegetative stage time left for the clones to get big. If it does survive and bud, will the bud be only about as big as a pencil eraser? Anybody been through this?


I’ve not personally cloned an auto but your yeild would be reduced further according to these myths. :+1:


I don’t think cloning an autoflower can be done successfully or with good results. autoflowers are finicky with there built in genetics to be on there pre programmed timeline. I clone regular female plants daily with great results. Ive tried cloning autoflowers a few times with very poor results. I think the major problem is the two week recovery time for them to grow good healthy roots from them being cloned just messes with there built in flowering program. the one thing Ive learned about autoflowers over the years is they don’t like being stressed, transplanting them multiple times will totally mess with them. its best to start them from seed in the pot your going to finish them in.


You can’t prolong auto flowers they have an internal clock that is set that’s why they are not good for cloning @greenmatter that is an awesome tip about leaving them in the same pot you want to finish it in.

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