Juat wondering if i should try a clone in my grobo is there any research done on this i dont mind trying


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I’m running a couple rooted clones in the lab now. They got a bit of a shock moving from the humidity dome that I used to root them and threw out a couple morphed leaves, but have recovered nicely. I’m testing a couple different recipes, so if you want to give it a shot, we can make one for your little cutting. Got anything rooted and ready to go?



Hey Stephen got some rooted from my first harvest branches where taken from the bottom they were just starting to flower so ive got them on24. hr light cycle to bring them to veg will they work in peat pellet s next time i will go wirh coco


End result wil lbe on harvest and pro and cons wrapup hydro nutrients cist also

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this is day 24. second run on my machine. have used a clone both runs. you definitely get a head start from using a clone. will be even better when they get a clone recipe.


For sure, only thing you may have to watch for is your plant looks to be 3 weeks ahead of plant normally at day 24. Either adjust reciepe (it thinks it was grown from seed) or possibly have a really big plant which will require some supercroping.

I know @Stephen and crew are working on reciepes using clones, any progress on that?

Look for updates coming in the 1st quarter @Azuri


Merry Christmas to all. I recently put a clone in my grobo 1wk imof shock it in now flowering great should be ready Christmas yield looks betterthan my first just used kush recipe working fine video will follow later


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I caught a glimpse of your Mango Sapphire today and had to share these glorious pictures.



What are using as a medium for the clones ? I’m going to run a clone next as well

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What’s the deal with clone recipes

Hey @chris_barfield

I’ve not attempted it Grobo say 1st quarter they will be onboard for it. The tricky part regardless of medium is getting into the grobo. I would try to make a holder for the coco pod to root it in there or option #2 is a Rockwell cubes, but it won’t be strong enough or shaped correctly in the existing lids to support the plant when it goes in even if you cut it to shape and how to you get it in without damaging roots… :thinking:

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Well roots I think wouldn’t be that hard cuz you just poke them through the cocopod hole … but clearly cocopods are meant for seed growth … so I’m wondering if I can get those baskets and fill that with either clay pellets or coco noir around the clone … what I think will be an issue is will I find a basket that fits that contoured coco pod hole …

I currently have 3 clones of the trapstar that I just ran and wanted to experiment with it since my plant grew so well being transplanted from soil … so I want to see what she produces fully grown in hydro… without that stress…

Wondering if those plugs they use for like the ez cloner would work? @Stephen

Hey @chris_barfield

I just edited my post as you posted your reply…I meant to say rooting in the coco pod not germinating. I’ve done lots of cloning in the past, once the clone is rooted regardless of medium they go sideways in every direction as there is no tap root. Roots will grow out the side of the medium in search of water and the medium is moist the whole time. Those delicate roots are my concern going into the Grobo.

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Yea I hear that my plant comes down on Xmas day and I will clean it and start the clone the same day … I will let you know how it works… currently have milk gallons painted black with an air pump going in it for the clone … which is doing extremely well in there … but dang I forgot to get the coco noir … and all the stores will be closed lol

@Azuri if that doesn’t work I will just cut a spare cocopod apart stick the clone inside like I did with the transplant and let the force of the coco pod holder keep it closed

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That would work or carve out the center of the coco pod and drop the smaller clone inside. Need to think outside of the box I would expect stores here in Canada will be selling clones soon.

Yea I have access to many of the original cuts in clone form and would love to figure how to use it