Clones pictures

I know the clone recipes aren’t out yet but I figured since I tried I’m sure others have too…

Here’s mine at 3 weeks and ofcourse my pot head dog is trying eat the leaves lol


Hey @chris_barfield I did something a little different, I did a trim prior to the flip to 12/12 and clipped a clone off my current grow, she rooted nicely and is another one of my soil grows.

Gorilla Glue #4 cloned off a plant in my Grobo :point_down:


Nice @Azuri I can’t setup my tent till a little before spring time cuz my apartment does t hold heat to well and I’d rather not fight the cold at the moment !!!


I have repeatedly cloned my very first grobo plant. If it was still with us it would be proud of all the offspring. Every one has turned out healthy and well.


Here are the newest about 2 weeks old now


This powder was about 6 dollars. I dip the cutting in it put it in a solo cup. Place a plastic bag over it with a rubber band keep it lit and warm. Blow it up by breath at least once a day for co2. Pretty much 100% success rate.


I don’t want to come offf as a Debbie downer here wolf, but some of those girls are lookin sad. You ph’ing the water you’re feeding them with? Also those cups look wet, overwatering at all? Any holes at the bottom edges of the cups to allow for run off? Just a couple of observations. :+1::v:

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Oh and what soil you using?

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Nothing special

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Lol that narrows it down significantly​:joy::scream::exploding_head:. I use foxfarms ocean forest. It has everything a seedling needs other than ro water, which I always ph! :+1::v:

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The plastic covers just came off seconds before that photo. I will put new ones in a few days they will be less wet wilt and more robust


I’ll take photos of the exact soil I’m using when I get home. At the pub having a cold one at the moment.

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Me too, just not the pub lol :joy:

I use fox farm nutrients

Not on clones, I hope. What soil you using? I wouldn’t feed them at all at this stage. Just good soil and ro water​:+1::joy:

Here s my soil. It was frozen when I got it thawed all over my basement floor


One of those bags says feeds up to three months, so no need for nutes untill you are fully into veg. If you have been feeling them, I’d stop and you will see them perk up in a week or so, maybe sooner. :+1::v:




Those aren’t clones my friend, but are looking good! :+1::v:

Well I guess two of them are just exiting said stage.:+1::v: