Clones good or bad?

What are pros & cons of cloning?

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Saves 4 to 8 weeks easily in early vegetation. So faster yields overall.


Guaranteed female , guaranteed those genetics … and saves time … but you have to learn how to clone .


So I am on my second clone in a grobo and im not convinced that you can save time. I grew a Prayer Pupil from clone see here:
I probably put her into transition a little too early and in retrospect should have extended her late veg til she was a few inches taller at least.
Now i am on my second clone, taken from my own chemdog#4 tent grow. see momma here:

The clone grow in the grobo for this baby is public: Grow Journal - 'Chemdog #4 (Hybrid)'

Whats weird about the grobo clone recipes is that they seem to put your plant in early veg for like 40 days or something. Seems a bit long especialy to Tod’s point with "save 4-8 weeks…

I wonder why the early veg is so long also how do i determine if i want to put her into late veg.

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