Clones did not remove wool around roots

Hey, I am growing some clones and like a dummy, I did not remove the wool around the roots on 3 of the plants. I am finding that the one plant I did remove the wool it is a darker green then the others. I am only one month in should I try to dig them up and remove the wool from the base of the plant or will that kill it.

The one that is a the darker green is an indica and the others are high brits/ Sativa not sure if that’s the reason.

I am new at this.


I would leave them alone at this point because they are more than likely established and you could be asking for trouble or setbacks trying to change or disturb them.
Not sure if you mean your nedium like rock wool or the furry stuff that grows around some roots.
Its important to give as much detail as possible when asking for help ans pictures also help alot so be sure to snap some of all stages incase you may need them. :eyes::seedling:

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Hello, ya it was the stuff that the clones came in so I think wool rock.

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Not to worry the roots will grow just fine with the rockwool buried! :eyes::seedling: