Clone swapping?

Hey all! I live in MA near NH and was just curious if there are any other local growers. I am still a beginner and have been really successful with cloning but no room to grow them all to harvest. Just doing it for the practice right now and I have had a 100% success so far, knock on wood.

I have 3 successful Gorilla Glue clones (seeds were from ILGM), right now that I will have to trash and it’s just bumming me out. I am the only one of my friends who grows so nobody to give them to. Was just thinking that if there was a local grower on here, I wouldn’t hesitate to just give them away or maybe swap for a different strain?


I feel you on that! When I learned to clone I had 13 clones and no one to give them to. :eyes::seedling:


Thank you. I love a challenge and clones sound like fun but my OCD might get the best of me. Plus I hate throwing away a perfectly good _____. I’ll take your advice and not try that trick. Implied advice as it applies to me. :seedling: