Clone help, leaves turning yellow

I can’t figure out why these big leaves keep turning yellow. Pretty sure it’s not the nutrients. I think it might be light burn. It under a mars 600 at 41" away. That’s as high up as I can get it. Pics from 3 days in a row.


New growth looks great though
Maybe shes sacrificing the bigger leaf for new leaves
Plants do that all the time


The other two fan leaves are starting the turn as well. I’ve probably taken 2-4 off already. I worried that pretty soon she won’t have any left.

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@Todd.grobo @Ginseng @Stephen @SilverGrobo please tag anyone else that might be able to help! Is this light burn or nutrients related?
Mars ts1000 at 40" away, using advanced Nutrients on 1/4 strength as recommend. In a RDWC system, water temp 67, PH 6.1. This is one of the clones from the first set. The second set is smaller and starting to do the same thing. There is always good new growth from the middle but I keep losing fan leafs 2 at a time from the bottom up. Please help!

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Which exact nutrients are being used? Is it just the grow+micro+bloom?

I’m thinking you might just be missing cal/mag. I found that it had to be augmented (when using the 3-part AN set) in hydro but not in soil. If you’ve got some grobo bottle #5 kicking around can try a bit of that to see if it helps.


Just the 3 part and hydroguard with voodoo juice at the start and bud candy at the end.
I don’t have any bottle 5 left, but I will prob have to get some calmag and try it. Would it not be ok to just up the nutrients to half strength in order to give it more calmag or would that give it to much of everything else. I did read that I shouldn’t need calmag with AN but it did specify soil or hydro…


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@zacuriah it’s pretty normal I saw it on my main plants and clones they go away. If they don’t you should worry

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