Clay Pellets + Rockwool vs. Soil

I’m a new grower and I’m evaluating some different growth mediums. I’ve grown things in my backyard before, but want to bring stuff inside come this fall. I am also aware that I would most likely need supplementary nutrients if I were to go with the clay pellet and rockwool combo. Is there any advantage to one over the other? How complex of a setup would I need for either one as well? Any help is appreciated.

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Hi fsmith23,

Congrats in starting an indoor grow! Growing in rockwool is different than clay pellets in a couple areas. Clay pellets won’t retain any water at all and are best used in an ebb and flow tray or deep water culture setup. They basically just provide an anchor for the roots. Rockwool on the other hand is actually spun rock that will hold a ratio of water to oxygen. You can add nutrients to your solution that will then be absorbed by the rockwool. You have more options or techniques available to you with rockwool, just depends on how you are setup. You can get quite complex or keep it as simple as possible. For an indoor setup, you will need an enclosed space, closet, tent or box. Add lighting, ventilation and water a couple times a week and you are well on your way to a successful indoor garden! Good luck…