Chop or not?

Hello all! I’m obsessing about my first grow again. I’ve got a purple haze that has been extended in late veg for awhile now…sigh. I’ve almost got her where I want her, I’m just hoping she’ll get a little taller! I’d LOVE opinions on whether I should chop my middle 2 top bud sites. There are baby sites just below the main, but no other nodes or bud sites. I’m wondering if these will grow into fatty buds sites or if it would be smarter to chop them and focus on the other top 6 bud sites. I have a nice outer circle going and there would be tons of light and air circulation through the middle. Hmm. Thoughts?


I would leave everything and just cut the unneeded large leaves so more light gets around.


Looks good! I’ll say keep it take of few fans leaves only I agree my opinion… happy growing