Cherry Pie (Take 2)

Well, here we are.

First grow didn’t go well. (White Widow) :frowning: Started strong, but ultimately I think I did the final damage last week in the post sprout stage while trying to move the coco pod up a bit to keep it from staying soaked. By doing that, I managed to stress the root stem and ended up separating the stem root from the seed sprout. When I tipped the Grobo plate upside down while removing, the plant just fell out. It looked like it was trying to reestablish a new root, but alas, she’s done.

New seed of Cherry Pie soaking as we speak.

Lessons learned:

  1. Plant new seed a touch deeper. Going to shoot for 1/2”.

    1a). Germinate using the paper towel method

2). Start coco pod up higher on the tray, about 3/8” above top to help reduce the constant soaking it was getting before.

  1. It’s cool in my house, and keeping the temps/RH proper-like requires some effort in the winter. Moved the whole unit to the main floor to help stave off the wild temp swings between lights on/lights out.

4). Small aquarium heater in the reservoir. Again, for winter time grow. Excessive Heat will likely be an issue in the summer…I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

All in all, the support here on the forums has been amazing. You folks rock!

OK…time to crack a few homebrews and wait for the new seed to pop!



Sorry to hear how it went down. Moving the pod this early while she’s still fragile is hit or miss. I’m a big believer in starting the pod off hiigher than flush with the lid. The seed can only go so deep iin the pod, not sure how far down the hole goes. One thing i’ve done with coco in my tent is germ the seed till it’s an inch or two long. Then, cut the pod all the way down the side so it opens like a taco. Then i put the head of the seed where i want it. i’m iin the same boat between summer and winter temps. Summer so hot, winter so cold. Enjoy those homebrews and i’m sure your next grow will start out much better.


I like the taco idea!! I think the original pod hole only went down a 1/4” or so. Hard to tell with the sponginess. That White Widow seed was super tiny to start with…the Cherry is much larger.

With failure comes experience…and wisdom. I’m the guy that basically has to learn the hard way most times. Hahaha.

I’ll keep the updates going. Thanks for the support!



New seed popped 8 hrs into soak. Let it ride for another 10.

Annnnnnd, the power is out. Had us a good storm. Power’s been out for 24hrs and won’t be back on until Wednesday (another 72 hours). Yay.

Have a hand warmer in the Grobo right now with the popped seed setting in a baggie. LOL. Mayhaps the timing will work out well. :man_shrugging:t2::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rofl:

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Thanks for the coco pod tip!!

Got power back 2 days ago, and interwebs back on last night. It was time to plant!!

The seed did great in its little box and baggie. Had a nice 1/4” tail. I split that cocopod like a taco and gently settled Cheery Pie into her new home, making sure the pod was nicely saturated and well above the water line this time.

Fingers crossed for a sprout in a few days!!

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I may have to source my seed elsewhere.

4 days germ in a bag and all looked great! Had a nice tail that was nearly twice the length of the seed husk. Very gently transplanted to coco pod, set the pod up higher and literally did not touch this thing for 9 days aside from a teaspoon of water every day or so to keep top moisture on pod. Perfecta temps, perfect humidity, perfect H2O temp.

And nothing.

Investigated today to discover the root was again separated from the seed. Purely visual inspection. No touching needed.

Will try one more seed today to see if third time’s a charm. Fortunately my seeds come from one of my vendors…so my cost is nil. But holy hell this is frustrating. At this rate I should have y first harvest by 2022. :joy:

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