Cheap Humidity meters [RESOLVED]

Hi all

Is it worth bothering knowing the humidity inside my grobo & are these cheap ones reliable :wink:
I’m waiting on a Air & Water Temp meter & just couldn’t find a 3 in 1 :roll_eyes:!
I also understand that (in an ideal world lol) my grobo is keeping tabs but you Never Know & with the mentioned 3-4 day turn around if there’s a issue…

Main reason for in App Data Access maybe :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!

Anyone’s thought’s are welcome :wink:

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This is the thread that we have been discussing concerning Grobo data. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I’ve had my pennies worth :wink: lol

I was more on about Cheap Humidity Meters & if even needed :thinking:??

I was mainly referring to the support response. I’ve had issues with that and yes the box cost 2K$ and i still had to buy extras for it to make sure I’d have a good yield. It’s your call on the purchase. I bought a mini fan and my apartment is at 60 degrees all the time so I don’t worry about humidity or temperature issues.

Ditto :wink:! Mainly for Circulation than any cooling effect :blush:

I’ve also replaced the Air-Pump with x2 Mini Silent pumps & with I Must say Great help from grobo Support



All I need now is what’s missing :roll_eyes:!:wink:! Lol…

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Yes its important to know your humidity and temp inside the grobo. It has a fairly large impact on your plants health. Many of us on AG uses these thermpro hygrometer its pretty cheap and reliable


Its what I’ve been looking at thanks :wink:

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