Cell phone microscope 100x

Hey all, just came by this and thought all might be interested.



Great tool, thx!

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My pleasure. I ran across it while getting all the items to fully automate my tent. A fun Christmas project that will make my life easier, and allow me to really dial in my grow​:joy::+1::v:

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@Osage I’m in the process of building a tent would love to hear what your using to automate the tent … I’ll be going with 4 13 gallon buckets but I want to get my tent as auto as I can ?

@stephen what control module does the grobo use for dosing and reading ph? Can you suggest any options for this application?

4 13 gal buckets? What are you gonna grow trees lol. What size is your tent going to be? The most expensive part is deciding I’d you want one controller to do everything or a couple separate to say control environment, and one to control nutes, ph and ppm-ec? Both options can get rather spendy.

I decided to go with a couple different controllers, just in case one outlet cant handle the load of all necessary equipment. I went with this one for temp control:https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B011296704/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

, will do a similar one for humidity. Doing soil, so don’t need nute/ph/ppm dispenser/monitor.

Lol, sorry @chris_barfield, I can’t share that proprietary information. Most of the big boys use Argus. Blue Labs also has a couple monitors too. Need one for each reservoir though I believe. For nute dosing and for pH balancing. Quickly gets super pricey.


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if I had the money, I’d buy this one: https://www.getbluelab.com/shop/By+Category/Controllers+%26+Dosers/Pro-Controller.html

and if I really had the money i’d get this one: https://cloudponics.com/collections/grocontrol/products/grocontrol it does absolutely everything from what I can tell.

Lol I think I hit the wrong buttons typing but 4 … 5 gallon buckets lol … honestly I’m just looking for something to control temp/humidity so I’m assuming something that can control ac, heater, (winter) and ph … Incase it fluctuates … I can mix my own nutes …

Yep, then go with the InkBird, you can get one for heating and cooling, and one for himidity control. Both come with external sensors with like a 15 foot cord so you can hang them right in the middle of your grow. I too like to mix my own nutes, but it gets old sometimes. I might just get a reservoir and a small nute dispenser that I can program to my specs and using ph perfect nutes by advanced nutrients should be just fine.