CBD oil for Cancer patient

Hello all. I just found out this morning a friend of mine has been diagnosed with colon cancer. He’s a co workers husband. Where does one get cbd in appropriate amounts, here in the u.s. and how would he go about taking it? Might insurance take care of cost if he’s a medical card holder? Hard one to answer I know. Any help is greatly appreciated. I’m at work and can’t really research at the moment.

Dispensaries, Colorado or California is ur best bet. Look up Charlottes Web CBD Oil and Myriams Hope, some of the finest out there. But there are many many others. Usually manufacturers tell you how to ingest. Also, THC is a very vital and necessary component in helping with cancer, so it must be present in significant portions, not Just CBD. Also, Rick Simpson Oil, is one of the finest methods to make cannabis oil yourself at home for this purpose, however consistency is very much needed. You can look it up. He’s a man that has had a great impact when it came to cancer and cannabis. If you watch his videos and go on his website, you will know everything you need to.


Well thanks nik, I ordered some cbd capsules for myself too. I have glaucoma, tinnitus, and insomnia. I usually smoke before bed for the insomnia, but currently take drops for my glaucoma. Haven’t found anything that works for my tinnitus, so hopefully these cbd capsules from charlottes web cbd do the trick. Have you ever taken cbd for a specific condition, and if so what were the results.

No problem! Yeah try them out. It might work if nothing else has, it helps with many different conditions out there. Also sometimes it’s about finding the right strains that work best for your conditions. Usually Indica plants offer the best relief and have the most medicinal value. I personally haven’t. But someone close to me who’s been diagnosed with the same as your friend, has used the CW oil and others like Myriam’s Hope, and they say it gives them a great sense of relief and decreases the pain they feel quite significantly in the moment. Also, helps with the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, imunotherapy, and surgery big time. And if you watch the CNN Documentaries online, on charlottes web and cannabis in general, and other ones, you’ll find that CBD and cannabis oil both help in a variety of cases/illness’ where other regular prescription drugs don’t like Epilepsy for instance. The CW oil was infact made for it. You should contact them via e-mail with your condition and they would be able to advise you best.

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Hey Jerry @Osage, if you find something that works for your tinnitus please let me know. Same back to you from this end.

Will do Bob. I ordered some CBD capsules from Charlotte’s Web, still waiting to receive them, and then try them. I got a months supply of (60mg) caps. Once I start taking them I will update you on how effective they are for me. Probably take a couple weeks, but ive heard nothing but good things from this company.


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