Can't get past wifi setup

Hey how’s it going all, just got a grobo and im trying to set it up. I get to the wifi setup, I get to the page where I sign into my wifi then the grobo’s green light turns off and im told to turn it off and try again. It’s weird BC the grobo’s light flashes slow light blue but I can’t do anything in the app

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Are you Using the app or the website?
What type of phone, laptop etc are you using?
Unplug your grobo for three minutes and try using the app.
If you still can’t get it restart your router and modem and try.
If it still doesn’t work send in a ticket…

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Im on the app I believe, I’ve tried on an android phone and iOS tablet. I’ve restarted my router and nothing. I put the unit in pairing mode but by the time I get to the setup page where I sign into my wifi the green light turns off and I have to start again

Appreciate the help

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I had a little bit of issues connecting to the WiFi first time as well. I think my issue was I was trying to do it from my computer (wired ethernet).

I tried on my phone but it also failed. Figured out it was due to the Grobo only having Wifi 2.4ghz. My phone was connected to the 5ghz version of my WiFi network. Connect the phone to the 2.4ghz version of your network then proceed with the Setup/WiFi connect process on your phone. When the time comes to select the WiFi network for your Grobo be sure to select the 2.4ghz one.

Hope this helps!


Thanks that worked, says I’ve connected but then brings me to this screen and then I can’t do anything


Awesome! Good to hear that you were able to connect the WiFi. From that screen you should be able to click View Grobo or tap on the menu stack in the upper left. My Grobo. Recipes, etc.

There are some good setup/get growing videos on this forum and the Grobo website. Check out the search function for terms: installation, setup, first grow.

Good luck!



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