Can't Fill or Drain after Cleaning [RESOLVED]

Support is not available so I guess I"ll try here. After a very disappointing harvest (only 17 grams of mostly small buds) I have now cleaned the unit as per the Grobo instructions. But now I’m trying to fill it back up, the app is telling me it’s at ‘optimum’ level even though the unit is empty. I went to Drain, then after a few seconds it said it was done and asked me if I wanted to Fill. So I did and the app is still telling me it’s at optimum level.

Given these problems and the pitiful yield I got, I’m beginning to lose faith.

P.S. The water sensors are unblocked and can rise and fall freely.

Try a power reset? If sensors are ok you got me. Thats where id look. It only fills to low line on first fill

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Thanks. I did the power reset and I upgraded the firmware to the latest version.


I finally got an email from Grobo support and this solved my problem.

Thanks for reaching out to Grobo! We’re here to help.

The drain and fill logic won’t work on a recipe with no water, such as the Drying Recipe

Go into Settings, select ‘Force End Harvest,’ then proceed until there is no active recipe on your unit. Following, remove all nutrient bottles and apply any recipe to enabled the drain and fill feature.​

During this process, make sure your pH probe is kept in water to maintain moisture, as described HERE.

Please let me know if you need anything else. Have a wonderful day, Steve!