Cannabis Kief, Dry Sift & Pollen

Have you ever heard of Kief? It’s also called dry sift or pollen by some people and is the resin glands that contain the terpenes and cannabinoids. The good stuff. I use a harvest tray that sits in my lap, with a 150-micron screen to allow the kief to flow through and be caught. Here are a couple pictures of the process…

Enough has piled up, time to collect…

Into the corner…

Pretty good stash…

Into storage for later…

Much cleaner than most grinders…

What can I do with this stuff you ask? I like to sprinkle it on top of a bowl or into a joint. You can press it into hash, press it for rosin, make moon-rocks or add it to your butter. it is just as versatile as flower.



@Stephen when you say you have a harvest tray that sits in your lap…do you literally mean when you harvest your plant you just have a tray to catch it all?

Hi rainstorm3,

Although it’s not always in my lap, yes I do! You can catch a good glimpse of it in this video at the 0:45 second mark. It helps to catch my kief and keeps me organized. There are several kinds, this one is available from Grobo.




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@Stephen have you ever heard of seed banks selling pollen or breeders selling pollen? Thinking of trying my hand at a cross after this next grow but don’t wanna wait to grow a male lol

Hey @chris_barfield,

Yeah, a couple of places will sell pollen. Not sure about your country/area though. Try a google search and let us know if you have any luck. Are you looking for a certain strain pollen?


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@Stephen not necessarilly a particular … something good though and stable

Ah, I see. Stick with the Whites or Blues then for stability. (White widow and Blueberry)