Canna butter recipe

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What’s everyone’s favorite canna butter recipes and or process to use? Looking to explore some canna pasta sauce recipes, if anyone has a recipe they would like to that would be awesome!



I tend to use store bought Giradelli Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix from my local grocery store… makes fantastic noms! Also, worth mentioning, if you’d like to increase the potency of your canna butter, add some Lecethin to the mix while making the butter. Tried it out a few months back and it works great! You can pick it up on amazon or probably any health food store for a good price.

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We bought a 4 oz slow cooker exclusively for butter. Currently mixing 1 oz weedto 1 pound of butter. You also need to add some water.

We also got our hands on some coconut oil infused with thc and cbd respectively. We made chocolates in molds with only coconut oil, cocoa, honey and vanilla. Was amazing and 2 really helped with internal pain we were both managing for two different reasons.

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Hey ToddYYC,

A slow cooker is a great way to transfer cannabinoids to butter for cooking. The low and slow heat decarboxylates the cannabis, allowing for the activation of the psychoactive effects. I’ve also used coconut oil which I really like. Once cool, it hardens up again, great topical cream, or for use in a recipe. I like a scoop in my coffee in the morning. Subtle but pain is reduced throughout the day.


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Interesting about the coffee my wife does that but not enhanced. She might like that

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Does this help?.. :thinking:


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