Can you use Grobo only and not much else?

We want to keep it as simple as we can for the first time. Grobo + hydroguard + the Pro Kit from Grobo I guess fingers crossed after that. :grinning: Later on, we might add other things, just for now want it as simple as we can.

It is coming and starting to really prepare. We have the room mostly prepped, even a full size plasma wave air purifier for if/when needed. There are 2 seeds soaking in a glass like the instructions said, then will go in some paper towels until they crack. We used 2 even though we can only use 1 just in case 1 did not do anything.

Has anyone else just used Grobo as is and got a decent batch? We are only doing this for FUN, both MMP and have ounces here and can buy it anytime. So even a good ounce would be nice just to fool with.


Don’t worry, this box is nicely designed and all by itself should provide with a nice yield.
(with a little help from you)

You have a bit more control if your plant if a photo period (and not an auto)

You will get all the help you need here, just add some picture as you progress and people will be more than happy to guide you along this first grow


Nicely stated @Ben, I see you over there. :wink:



OK good. I was in one topic and someone suggested to buy 10+ things. It did sound useful, but being we are only doing this right now for fun, did not want to overly complicate it.


I have been growing for 3 years with my units and I do not add anything extra at all. No fans, no chemicals. NADA :slight_smile:
Although I have seen some really cool extras on the forums!


I actually only use a fan when my pod is low in the beginning once I raise it up :arrow_up: I barely use it and neem oil for the nats that’s it :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


I like using the small fans. I feel like because of the air movement, it causes the stalk and branches to strengthen themselves when the fan is blowing directly at the plant. This shouldn’t be done as a seedling, but a week or so into early veg is when I start my fans.