Can we resuscitate him doc? [Rescued]

Autoflower seed and were in last day of early veg. About 5-6 days ago it started to droop, we got the ph calibration kit and realized it was too cold in there as well. I think water temps were getting down into the 40’s 50’s (f) at night due to it being… directly in front of the AC (to be fair i thought cold was good) so we have since moved it and calibrated the ph. the nutes are already drastically changing. What to do about these bottom leaves? Do we think that the cold air and the uncalibrated ph probe could have caused this? is he a goner? also added hydroguard. thanks. oh and the cocopod has just been soaked from top to bottom, tried to lightly remove some water and its a bit better today.


Can I see a picture of the bottom of the stem? Want to confirm if damp off is possible problem



I am a newbie with limited knowledge. I had a seedling that pushed itself out of the peat pod in the Grobo start. The seedling nearly died when I split/cut the pod open to reposition. I swapped to a new, fresh pod and hoped for the best. Well, it came back healthy…surprising as the cotyledon leaves and the a couple small leaves were yellowing and curling.

All I did was clean the Grobo start, put fresh water /w nutrients and hydro guard in weekly, and removed the humidity dome once the seedling was big enough.

Point of this story is don’t give up; you may be surprised. My grow is in the basement and is 68-70 degrees and usually ~45%+/- for humidity. Also, I kept my PH in check around 6 - 6.2.


Hey new grower! Congrats on joining the Grobo community!

It sounds like the plant was a bit stunted for the low temps but I think she will pull through. The roots look good as does the main stem! Glad to see no damping off. Nice work pushing up the cocopod! Continue with the efforts to keep it elevated and dry. Some people use toothpicks or other things to help keep it propped up.

Can you include pictures of all of the nute bottles? When is your next drain/fill? Try to keep the Grobo around room temp 70-72f and as a seedling 60% humidity or more if you can. Humidifiers can be added in the same room but keep it at least 6 feet away from the Grobo.

I’ve saved a few plants in the Grobo and I think your’s has very good chances of surviving and thriving! What strain is this?

Enjoy the grow! The plant should bounce back in a few days.


Top is nutes after calibrating probe, bottom is before

It is a LSD autoflower


Oh cool LSD autoflower. My first two grows were both autos: ak-47 and lamb’s bread.

When was your last drain/fill? I’m thinking it might be best to keep the plant in early veg while it is so small. Maybe adjust your schedule so when you do your next drain/fill you are still in early veg. Inside the app-maintenance-shift schedule. Keeping it in early veg will help dry out the cocopod with it filling the water level to the medium level. Also she is small so in early veg it is a smaller nutrient dose.

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Also, if the cocopod is still damp to the touch I would raise it up another inch or so. Paper towels can be used to soak up moisture on the pod too.

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Thank you so much for your help. I refilled last night cause I just calibriated the probe & added hydro guard. Im on day 14 of early veg so I just extended it a week, definitely want this pod a bit dryer. Seriously thanks for the advice. We’ll see how she looks next week!


How do you like auto flower as opposed to non?

Ok great! and you are most welcome! The community here is pretty awesome and I learned a lot from it when I started out too!


Well I have 2 Grobo premiums and have done both autos and photoperiod strains. The autos you have very limited options for controlling height if she gets too tall. My ak-47 grow (on this forum) grew too tall but was able to make it to harvest. Autos seem to grow faster and are possibly ready for harvest around 90-100 days.

The photoperiod strains you have a lot more control over height. You can control the height by altering the time in veg vs flower. My PP grows both took around 125 days so about a month longer. The yields were about the same to be honest!

I looked up LSD autoflower and it appears to be mostly indica so you should be ok on height. In the next few days it will recover and start to grow exponentially! It is really fun to watch the plant take off in the upcoming weeks.

Keep us posted here and we’ll help ensure a high quality harvest!


Tim’s a happy plant.
About 5 days after adding a fan, changing its location, hydro guard and a calibrated ph probe!
Extended a week on early veg too.
Can’t thank you guys enough for the advice!

Yes that’s a meat thermometer but i did some testing and it’s pretty accurate lol!
Fluctuates throughout the day from 72-77 at the hottest part of the day maybe lower at night. But seems to be thriving with that for now.