Can’t log into my app?

Got an email says I need to add water. Can’t log in. Won’t let me use my email address because it says it’s already in use. Can’t request and change my old password. What is going on???

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We did some work on our database this week which requires everyone to reset their passwords. I have just set you a reset password link! Please check your email and let me know if it doesn’t work.

@bjorn Any updates regarding how long till the update synchronizes with where our grow was prior to the update?

Haha I’m catching up on all my messages and literally just hit send on my email reply to you! The update should come in this week.

In short, your plant was “replanted” but shifted to the right stage of the grow. What you see today is how many days since the it was “replanted”. The logic behind this was originally designed for people growing with cuttings, but we’ve realized that it makes more sense to show how old the plant is so we will make that update. It doesn’t affect how the system is working, it only changes what you see!

Well The link you sent doesn’t work. Your app will not let me use Seahawkpi because it says it already in use. Well of course it is it was my old log in. So now I’m in a catch 22. You say reset my password and it says my email address is in use?
So you guys have my email address in a file on your site and it’s no longer allows me to change passwords or use the old one.
Any suggestions"???

Everything I can see looks okay, so I’m sorry to hear it’s not working! @bruno Can you please help here?

@Seahawkpi - Bruno leads our software team and should be able to get you up and running quickly!

Thanks. Got it

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Hi @Seahawkpi, very sorry to hear that you are having troubles. I have gone in and fixed your account and will be pm’ing you with a new set of temporary reset credentials to get you back up and running.

If anyone else is experiencing any login issues over the next few days please reach out and we’ll get you back up and running ASAP.



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Hi Robyn
Well I woke up this morning now my grobo says I’m on day 3 not day 21?
Anyway to change it back?

Good Morning @Seahawkpi. Our system is showing day 21, so everything will be dosing properly. Seems to be a display error. I’ll get @bruno on this now!

Hi Stephen,

Can you speak a bit more on the app providing notifications and sending emails because I have yet to receive EITHER option. This is a concern of mine that I’ve been speaking to Bjorn about, but I would like to have the application send and push all notifications possible. How far out are we from the application allowing for more interaction between user and plant bio, grow stages, lighting schedule, possibility of setting fan speeds to a quite mode for evening hours/when guests stay, etc.?

If there is something within the settings that I may have missed on the application, please let me know. I’ve checked my email and Junk Folder, but found no such email notifying me of any updates/issues. Would have been nice to have the application tell me that it was offline vs me relying on a blinking blue light. Lol. Now we know! Either way, any updates of developments of when we can expect a little more of an intuitive app?


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Hope they answer Rich’s questions!
Also answer mine:
Why is bottle 2 being used during the first few weeks? The seed is just now showing signs of life. No why to reach the water yet?
But I show about 1/4 of bottle 2used up?

Hi Rich,

Good catch! When I created your specific recipe (Chemdawg) I failed to co-ordinate with the software team to enable your notifications. We are pushing several changes to the app today and turning on your notifications for the Cannabis - Indica - Chemdawg recipe is included.

So far I’ve implemented two notifications, both actionable items that pertain to draining & filling your unit and topping up your unit. The 1st notification is after 3 days, and asks you to top up your water reservoir. The second notification is recurring every 7 days and asks you to completely drain and fill your unit.

We are currently working on a large list of notifications that can be broken down into two basic types. Informational/Educational and Actionable. Each week you will see what you should be doing via actionable notifications like change your water, top your plant or pick some leaves. You will also receive informational notifications like did you know & tips and tricks for optimizations.

Interactions with the unit will be rolled out along with a massive education push. We want to ensure that everyone is successful with their unit, so education will accompany new features. All good stuff in the works.


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Hey Seahawkpi,

The Grobo One is constantly keeping your nutrient reservoir at the correct pH and EC levels. The seedling stage keeps the EC low, but does balance the pH. I’d guess you are using tap water instead of Reverse Osmosis or Distilled water in your unit. This is why you are seeing your bottle working hard, your pH and EC are both high in tap water and the system is working to bring you back into range. I recommend using RO or Distilled in your system, it will save you from buying extra nutes.


Hi Stephen,

I don’t miss much, sir! Lol. I’m on the Grobo team, don’t you worry! I want you guys to be a market leader and provide the best home grow solutions for people like myself! So my goal is to give you the best possible customer feedback and make sure that I’m learning my Grobo to the best of my abilities.

Very happy to hear about the notifications! Can you confirm when the software team will have the notifications for my grow? I planned on changing the water this evening, will that reset any notifications that were set to push once turned on from Grobo HQ?

I can tell you that I’m patiently and excitingly waiting for this updated application to be developed! It will allow my OCD to calm down so much. Glad to hear all the positive notes from HQ!


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Love it!

I’ve just spent a couple minutes chatting with our Lead Developer. You should see a notification tomorrow to drain and fill your unit, and then every 7 days after that. I tried for today, but because we are unsure of exactly what time the unit was powered on originally, there is a risk that the notification has already passed (and you wouldn’t get it), so I pushed it out to tomorrow. Hope you have time to drain and fill tomorrow. :slight_smile:


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That’s great news! What time should I anticipate to get the push notification/email? Are notifications going to be time sensitive or will they just be pushed based off the day of grow? Sorry for the complex questions, just want to be able to understand and communicate with the Grobo.


You should receive the notification today depending on what time you originally set your Grobo One up. I must admit it was amusing to see Bjorn and Chris try and remember exactly what time you plugged it in. I think they settled on 1:30 pm?

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Haha. As far as time I think it was definitely within the hour! Awesome, so the application itself will send me a push notification and I will also receive a notification via email when this finally goes through this afternoon?

I’m very excited to change out the water and see how the little one responds to some fresh H20!

Thanks again!

Just wanted to update you and let you know that I did NOT receive any notifications via the application or email. Can you,@bjorn, and or @Chris maybe take a look into this?

I would appreciate if this issue could be addressed ASAP as my Grobo has not once provided me any of the push notifications.

Let me know what you guys can find!

Thanks as always!