Can’t connect to wifi [RESOLVED]

Hoping you guys can help because grobo support doesn’t answer my emails
Grobo has been disconnected for 2 days now I’ve tried disconnecting my grobo multiple times it’s Rapidly flashing blue n sometimes a red indicator flashes for a sec then goes back to flashing blue… and I get a notification saying grobo servers can not connect to my Wifi. This is my second grow and I’ve never had this problem. Pleas help.

Ive been having this for 2 days too. Its a long weekend you won’t get a response until tuesday

For some odd reason after last update took place I was having this issue too. I moved my router right by my Grobo. It fixed the issue. They also sent me a WiFi antenna extender, which is a beta program so I could move the router back to original position.

Yes so I finally just restarted my router n the grobo again and it finally connected!


I had connection issues all over my house, with multiple devices, not just grobo. Moving to Mesh Wifi solved it for me.

My Grobo is in garage, and rarely do I have connection issues

Which mesh wifi did you choose?

Net Gear Orbi - 3 Units total. 1 downstairs, two upstairs.

Moving to that eliminated all connection related problems I have had.