Can someone please help and tell me if my OG Kush is ready to harvest

My plant started flowering around the 11th of feb 2020 (southern hemisphere) its nearing 2 months of flowering time and I’m not sure if I should harvest now. The buds are tightly stacked and very hard and dense

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Strain OGKush


Not yet! Hairs are still too white.


To be real she look about done but lack of info on what the Strain makes it hard to figure out … but anyway you pants can still throw white pistils for as lit as you flower … for example by jbeezy cut wedding cake f1 will continue to throw white hairs until chop. My boy who I gave the exact cut to took her to 85 days and she was still white throwing hairs … but honestly you need to grab a cheap jewelers Loop and check the trichomes…

My sunset stomper cut has all orange hairs but completely clear trichomes at 37 while my kush mints and animal cookies don’t have one orange hair at ll


Much appreciated broski, I checked trics, around 2% of them have started changing to amber. My worry was that that calyx’s were swelling really fast and that means seed are on their way so I chopped her this evening washed and hung her.


For anyone else out there scratching their heads.