Can someone please check my math? Fish S, Bud C, Hydro

See the pic, is this correct for Hydroguard, Fish S and Bud Candy?


If I knew I would help you out bud, but sadly I am a complete newbie as well!! LOL

@Todd.grobo @Mpower11

Hey champs do this measurements look right?


I’m guessing your dosing Grobo?

Fish shit you can’t really over dose for Grobo 6 ml is fine. But 10ml wouldn’t hurt at all and isn’t a bad idea. Just shake the bottle well

Bud candy I do 20ml in Grobo

Hydroguard when I was using it I added 10ml in Grobo but 15 ml wouldn’t hurt anything.

If your adding fish shit and hydroguard together I don’t feel you need to max out both products it will not hurt the plant just may waste some product (your $$$) remember fish shit and hydroguard isn’t plant food this is why it’s super hard to over dose


I’ve had a similar question and I also want to work in teaspoon measurements. I’m just going to put two teaspoons of each of these during water changes and see how it works out.


Yes, for the water changes. I had things on post it’s laying around, then decided to type it neater.