Can somebody please tell me the best way to cure Girl Scout cookies with a Grobo or not


Hey grower! Coincidentally, I’m growing a GSC in my Grobo and I’m on day 9/10 of flushing. Planning on cutting her down tomorrow and putting her to dry in the machine. I understand that there is a drying mode for the Grobo and I’m going to be posting my observations along with wet weight, and dry weight when I take her out of drying, of course. Your grow looks very nice. I think you can look at my previous posts and you may see the one with several photos of my grow when it was ready to enter flush for comparison. Happy harvest!


Almost forgot to address your specific question about curing. The method I’m going to try is the mason jar and burping. Simply put the harvest in the jars and fill no more than half way. Put the jars in a room-temperature with not too much light. Open each jar twice daily and shake a bit and allow to remain open 30-60 minutes. This method can be done for several weeks until you feel comfortable.


You posted a pic of a pay statement (5th pic) lol


Drying and curing are the most important part to your smoke being smooth and clean.

For drying I would use the harvest button under maintenance, it will kick off the dry mode recipe (so you don’t have to look for it). Thank you @grobo team! It should be a five day cycle. Trimming the buds before or after drying is a personal choice- consider Kief and Tri retention for secondary products (oil, wax, shatter, butter, etc). I like mine fresh before I freeze, hence I personally trim before I dry.

To cure I have multiple mason jars with the latched lids and with some kind of seal on the opening or lid; I just find it better at maintaining the internal atmosphere during the cure. I also ensure I have humidity control packs and a small humidity reader to place inside the jar with the flower to monitor the process. My understanding is to not let the humidity to go below 50% for a proper cure, and to burp as needed in the beginning and work towards two-to-one burp per day. Releasing the built-up humidity and carbon dioxide will help that grow’s flavor and ease of smoke, while preventing mold.

Once you start depleting you product, move to smaller containers to maintain a controllable environment and to make the larger containers available for the next harvest.

Good luck and enjoy.

I am harvesting some gg4 today and will be curing for four weeks.


Hey I was just curious how your harvest is going on your GSC’s?

Hi, there! I harvested it and put it to dry in the Grobo. Massive haul! Wet, of course. But it was over 1 lb total. Take a look at my posts with observations and pictures. I have been peeking when replenishing the humidifier. The Rh hovers at 56 percent and the colas look like they have lost some weight. I am on day 3/5 of this stage and have my jars ready and waiting. I will keep posting. Happy harvest!


Do you think that I’m ready to harvest after a 14 day flush? Most try combs are completely milky and there are even a few that are amber. About 40% are milky and cloudy and the rest are still clear. But on 15% of the plant I can start to see Amber tri combs. You can’t see everything that I can with my pocket microscope but I was curious of what you thought since you are harvesting the same thing. Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated!

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That last picture still looks a bit glassy but the rest looks ready.
Your good to harvest or give it another week.

Awesome pictures! Wow! This is the kind of thing you want to stare at while going through one those “happy moments”. Seems like you have a grasp on the concept of trichomes- combination of milky and amber with amber being the lesser, in order to determine harvest time. Since you still have a considerable amount of clear polyps, I’d wait at least another week while keeping an eye on them before initiating flushing. But if you already did, then full steam ahead because backtracking at this point would be more detrimental to the plant. The understanding in general is that clear trichomes will give you a harsher draw. Amber ones are more sedating and full of CBD. Anyways, I can’t wait for you weigh in your beauty. Happy harvest!

@MindFlayer @Dmtcuz where did you guys get your GSC seeds? I ordered some seeds from ILGM. I don’t think I’ll grow GSC for my first grow but I might grow them for my second or third grow.

Hey, grower! The strain is from Original Harvest and got their seeds through Pacific Seed Bank


I got my seeds from Growers Choice and the genetics they have in those seats are absolutely amazing. You can just go to Growers Choice and it is a really simple process and I promise you won’t regret it.!