Camera in Grobo?

Anyone put a camera inside their unit? What did you use, how? Thanks

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I use WYZE 1080p cams. They have a magnetic base that rotates and sticks really well to the metal side panels of the Grobo. They are like $25.

These are the pictures from the cams and you can even see a small cam in the lower right in the top grow. I setup that camera so I can watch the damping off heal on this plant.


Thanks, I’m curious how do you power them?

They are USB powered. Just use a thinner usb cable and run it thru the lower right of the door. Door still closes fine


I use a blink which is battery powered. The pics aren’t great, just more of a way to keep an eye on her when away.


Wyze cam easy to use and it sticks to grobo with magnet could get them fast at Home Depot if available cheapest and wifi connection available for that 24/7 viewing at any time