CAM interference

Hi all :fist_right:

Not long fitted my Tapo Cam & she was pin sharp but lately I’m getting constant lined interference :exploding_head:!

Does this strike a cord by any chance & could it be the light wavebands used @ that time :thinking:??


You will see the same interference when taking pictures, a purple hue with black lines!
Its normal for grobo, clear pictures are achieved mostly in drain and fill stages when the lights change! :eyes::seedling:


Nice 1 bud :+1: but do push the rear button :wink:!
Wish it gave you more time too :exploding_head:!:wink:!

Sure that was a pic cuz can’t get forum to load videos :thinking:

I figured it was the same interference for a video as is a pic!
Did you try to copy & paste your video or hit share on video then copy? :eyes::seedling:

Just straight from the Samsung Gallery
Then the format warning If its Video :roll_eyes:!
Is there a forum App Setting somewhere :thinking:
& soz it’s just video :fist_right:

Not that I know of! I dont think ive ever downloaded a video here that wasnt from youtube or something but another champion sent me a video yesterday and had trouble getting it on here.
He used icloud to get it on here.

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I find cams very handy bro (if a little buggy :flushed:!!) :fist_right:
& my new Temp/RH wifi meter is Awesome & only £20 :wink:

Shame it doesn’t do water like my old haha 1 though :roll_eyes:!!..