Buying hooks

I wanted to get some magnet hooks to place on inside of machine. Wondering if anyone knows how strong the magnet hooks can be before I pose risk on machine. I got some 22lb hooks in cart worried they are too strong.

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I use magnet hooks and other growers do too! They work really well and stick to the walls. Pickup some green tie down material as well.

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Any word on magnet strength?

Those are the exact ones I use and lots of other growers. The 22lbs are great!


Magnetic Hooks,22lb Cruise Essentials Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet Hook with 3 Layers Ni Strong Corrosion Protection, Ideal for Grill,Towel,Kitchen Indoor Hanging(Silvery White, Pack of 10)


Hey that’s what I just bought! Thank you!

Lol cool

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