Hello, I’m close to harvest and want to use my clippings and trimmings to make butter when I’m finally done with the grow. Any suggestions regarding how to make it would be great. In the past I’ve melted all my trimmings into a pound of butter slow and low for about an hour, but the butter wound up being quite weak. Is this a good method, just not enough time on the stove, or should I go in another direction completely?

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This is what I got to make butter. It came highly recommended but I haven’t used it yet.


I’ve seen quite a few people mention the Levo 2


Magical Butter! I have one of these and it is awesome! Super easy process and makes potent butter! I would recommend getting the Ardent D-Carb machine as well.

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Tell me more…

@buzzy6 The Magical Butter machine holds like 2 oz and I usually put in 4 or 5 regular size butter bars. The machine controls the temperature and mixing to ensure the maximum infusion of your goods. It’s way easier that trying to manually do it all yourself on a stovetop or crockpot even.

So it can make butter, coconut oil, olive oil, other cooking oils, tinctures, apple vinegar cider, a bunch of infusion options man. check out their website.

Once you have the cannabis infused into whatever you decide - butter, coconut oil are my 2 favorites- you can make your edibles from that. So cookies, brownies, chocolate, etc. with the butter. With the coconut oil it is used to make gummies and other things.

I bought the bundle that came with the machine, some butter/gummy tray molds, decarb box, and extra filters.

Their decarb box is like a rubber synthetic plastic box and you use your oven to provide heat. My oven doesn’t hold a steady temp very well and it was a constant battle trying to keep it in the sweetspot. So introduce the Ardent NOVA decarb and infuser. This machine is awesome! Almost no smell at all and it uses smart technology to control heat and the decarboxylation process. Definitely would recommend both machines!

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Maybe I can treat myself to an early Xmas in July :gift: or two :gift:. Thanks for the resources…