Butter / coconut oil making


For your reference my experience is that I’ve made infused oil before in a 2 quart slow cooker with cheese cloth and it’s been great. Ive always used flower before with the oil and never the sweet leaves
I have once batch of sweet leaves which will hit 2 months cure on.xmas and I want to take down another harvest and just take the cured leaves and the nee leaves and cook together. Is there any issues anyone’s encountered doing this or should I cure both.


I’ve only used cured bud to make edibles:

And they are fkn good! One. Day keeps me sane in this crazy world :earth_americas::man_dancing::man_dancing::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::exploding_head::exploding_head::+1::v:


Looks tasty :candy: :candy: Got that right @Osage keeps us sane :laughing: :joy:


Man that shit has mellowed me out! I’m much more relaxed now. But just as passionate. I love this plant!!!:joy::joy::+1::+1::v::v:


I made butter, did not cure my popcorn bud/leaves. I decarbed using this:

Made butter using this:

So easy. So tasty. Gummies are perfect and get me a long lasting happy happy happy feeling.

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So pricey…200 is not in my budget.


Any Levo 2 users?
I have a question.
Question: Do you dry your leaves before making butter/oil/gummies?

image https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/31E9sOg7ITL.AC.jpg


I decarbed in the oven at 225 for 50 mins. Then infused coconut oil :+1::v:


Well isn’t that fancy!! I’d presume you want it dried and decarbed just like the magic butter machine?

I like this idea better…I’ll try this weekend I think

One day is too long

Thanks @omacoder, The machine decarbs it so I guess I just have to dry it unless I find someone who has the levo and offers another perspective.
I’m not familiar yet but when I get it I will drop some info.

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That is so cool!!!
I would guess you don’t HAVE to dry. But drying before processing it would surely help remove some of the “green” cloriphil taste. I doubt the decarb process is long enough under heat to remove it like the drying process would.

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Did you dry first before decarbing?

Thanks so much! I’m not a user so I wasn’t real sure but it makes since! Appreciate you!

So I found out the levo 2 Dries & Decarbs.


@osage so you use your sweet leafs to make a coconut infused oil…then from that you make jello edibles?
I’ve been wondering what kind of edibles would best suit the trim left over from a single grobo harvest… I watched stephen’s honey oil, then edibles making videos that are more jellys and was thinking that might be easiest.
Is the coconut infused oil easier to work with?
is there enough to do that or is it that you collected the sweetleaf from a couple grows till you have enough to make edibles?
i really haven’t looked that far ahead but harvest date seems to be quickly approaching and i need to figure out a plan :slight_smile:

That’s friggin awesome!!! Wish I would have done across this instead of the separate decarb box and then the magical butter machine! Darn!


Follow this channel on YouTube. This chick is awesome. She’s fun to watch, super super nice, overall just “delightful”. She has a big following and people just love her!! I started following her a bit before my first harvest as well, in trying to get prepared for what I want to do.

She essentially has learned that a tincture is the most flexible for making most any type of candy. If you wanted to bake (sweets, cakes, cookies, etc then she recommends more of the infused oil/butter).

Also, my first grow I ended up with a very small amount of bud so I just turned all of that and the sweet leaf into butter. Out of the full grow, I made 1 stick of butter. I made my first round of gummies with only 1/2 stick of butter and I ended up with like over 300 gummies. They were only about 3mg each.

This was the best website that I found that allowed me to calculate that each gummy had about 3mg.

[Link removed because it wasn’t secure]
Google for How To Edibles Gummy Bear Recipe if you’d like to find it.


I mostly chose it because it can be app powered.
I just got a bus Load of recipes from levo like gummies, soap, ghee, scrubs, essential oil roll on, lip balms, lotion bars, dish soap, berry butter, coconut oil infusions, hand scrub, body butters, food, hemp infused massage candles, walnut oil etc…
When I get the hang of this thing its on!