Burn spots

Hello out there to all you growers. I am on day 21 of my grow and I have noticed some burn spots on some of my leaf growth. I haven’t done anything besides follow the Grobo schedule as recommended. Any ideas or suggestions on what is causing this would be very grateful to ez my mind.


I guess it’s normal for this to happen? No one replied to what it could be. I’m not going to worry about it then.

This isn’t abnormal but it’s also not optimal – something might be slightly off, it could be one of a number of things. It doesn’t look too bad.

You can contact support at support@grobo.io to have them look at your data and help troubleshoot.

In addition to that, it would help to provide more information to help you self-diagnose. Can you share any pics of your nutrient bottles (to see how much has dispensed) or know details about the environment (like the usual room temperature, or if you’re using RO/distilled/tap water)?


I am using distilled water the room temp is about 82


Thank you vegetato for responding and looking into what could be causing this problem. I think I will generate a support ticket to see if there are any issues that they might need to address in my recipe.


Everything looks ok as far as the bottles, 3-5 are usually consumed around the same rate whereas the 1 and 2 bottles are only used if the pH has to be changed (up or down).

From that angle you can also see the plants’ leaves are not sagging too badly, it looks happy.

Sometimes the plants can get a bit of shock from the initial dose of nutrients, or sometimes it takes a couple drain/fills to correct that. If it seems to be getting worse you can do an early drain/fill to get some clean water into the res and to force it to retry dosing the nutes while you wait for support.


Okay sounds good thank you :+1:

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Here is a pic of my root system

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So just a follow up. There was a bug in the software preventing my plant from a proper feeding. Grobo tech support was on it and looking into it. In the mean time all I had to do was drain/fill with same water, after from that I got a proper dosing of the nutrients. Thanks again Grobo team your the best. :smiley:

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Latest pics day 21 day 1 late veg.


Your room temp is 82 F? The temp in the Grobo machine would be even warmer, so your temp may be too high.

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