Bud rot?!

Help! This sour diesel is on day 102, in flush, and I just came back from a few days away to see this. I’ve taken off the few buds that look to be affected but I want to prevent the rest of my beautiful plant from turning completely useless. Ideas? It seems wetter inside than it should be. Thanks

for your help!

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Affected buds came from the top right corner where there is a little more browning of the leaves than elsewhere. Haven’t noticed anymore mold but pretty concerned. Triches and pistils still have a bit it seems but it seems pretty close to done. Is it better to cut now and avoid more mold or is there a better idea? Does that even work? Thanks!

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*should’ve posted this on the original thread but got excited and didn’t think of that before. Anyway I posted here before a couple weeks ago. Just to clarify :slight_smile:

Are both your Fan’s working?

You need to increase air flow and remove some fan leafs but if your flushing right now at this point I would just flush for 7 days total and harvest