Bud Quality :groboone: vs. ⛺

Hey AG,
As most of you know I am pretty green when it comes to growing. I have never grown outside of a Grobo and have a simple question for those who have, particularly those who have grown in both a Tent and a Grobo. Yield aside (do not consider it at all) focusing on quality of product only, would you say that the quality of buds produced by Grobo are better than, equal to, or worse than that of which is produced by a tent equipped with a hydroponic system and LED light that combined are equivalent in price to a Grobo.


I’m just here for the comments. I’ve wondered this myself.


I have Only grown in Tents or indoors setups…soil of course …

That being said for the last 4 yrs I have been growing outdoors and let me tell you it’s allot harder then indoors but Rewarding. Yeah Yields are killer and get some sticky stuff… and you really taste your product Better …BUT when I grew indoors the outdoor Buds won’t come close to the indoor BUDS! the try’s, the frosting, the tightness, the hard of indoors in Unique hard to match… the THC levels mmmmm I get the same out Doors or in. But yea indoors is pretty bad Ass!

Couple Runs Back SOUR PATCH KIDS


Tent grows will always win in every category :man_shrugging:t2: Speaking from an original owner who grows with both … in tents you can control more and you have more information as far what going into the grow from light to medium to food to temps etc etc … also spectrum
Plays a big role in how the plants behave and express themselves … unfortunately grobo doesn’t disclose much information as to ec levels ph how strong the light what spectrum etc etc… the tent will always win expect i. The category of style … you can fully automate a tent in every aspect for far less than what a grobo costs and the yields pay for itself in the first run wether you smoke or share with friends


Damn you flowers those in all cfls ? Or is the cfls mixed in with an hps or led ? If you did flower with just cfls my gosh your a beast


Appreciate your thoughts fellas. @Bplatinum9 @Osage @Mpower11 would love to know your honest opinions!

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Here’s my thoughts on the topic

Since we’re not talking about yield which is obviously higher in a tent over a Grobo. Let’s talk quality.

At the end of the day quality comes from a good balanced nute program and light. This is wear the tent Will shine. You have the ability to put in high powered lights which in turn will produce big high quality buds. Plus you have the room to blend the plant to get more light on the buds

But if you don’t keep your environment and feed program in balance it doesn’t matter what you grow in your not gonna get any quality.

I have a friend that doesn’t take care of this plants much in his tent and it shows. But if you’re willing to put the time in and heart you’re obviously going to get far superior results in the tent


I’m a woman, on my first tent grow and loving it!
Everytime I think about outdoor grows I get squeemish thinking of all the things I wouldn’t be able to control.
Putting in months of work only to find out some insect has an entire family attached and killing my plant would be the worst!
As far as quality from grobo to outdoors my son has giving me praise on the difference in the taste and quality of my grobo grows oppossed to anything else he has tried, now the tent harvest will be ending soon I will come back to compare.


I know you are B! Was thanking the homies Chris & Chicano :relaxed:. Thank you for your response too!

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I’m with you, no interest in outdoor grows. My local environment is not conducive to it. This thread was specific to Grobo bs. tent growing.


Yeah my first tent grow is almost done! I’ll be back with that info!

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Very much look forward to it!

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Yes sir CFL
I have learned to know when to run bright white at the beginning and mixed bright white with soft white in between veg and flower. then finish with soft white plants really respond…something I have Been doing and noticed the responses of the plants. Trying to mimic a really quick summer season sun in 2 1/2 months lol :joy:


Depending on the size of your :tent: and or how many you want, :sunglasses: you can go crazy with with lights. Pick your medium. I like soil. Others like hydro. The nutes are vital…I love these nutes and this is the light I have in my big :tent:, which is 4x4x7. Also there is two clip-on pole fans plus 6 inch in- line fan and filter.:


House and Garden is great, have this lined up for next grow:


Yep want that. Eyed at the nursery

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Why not run a mix spectrum led instead of that legacy lighting … leds have surpassed the legacy lights by far even if they don’t want to admit it … my next light I’m building will
Be 2 hlg b spec and two hlg r spec combined on one board to have blue and reds during flower with the prion to turn either off… been looking at facilities that use blue and red in flower they yields blow up also different expressions in the plant as well


Have that in my other tent that I’m running for autos…

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If u can grow outdoors and u become skilled at it… It trumps everything IMO. Good outdoor > good indoor > Grobo. Indoor tent > Grobo ( no questions about it ) . If your a home grower, forget yield!!! The only thing that u should worry about is the quality of your finished product from Seed to cure. Its a process worth diving into!!


@Jamminbear purpose of this thread is comparing bud quality from Grobo as compared to a custom tent set up similar in price to Grobo. Seeing as you have experience in both, what say you?!