Bud pics

Trapstar buds after a week of hanging decided to trim her a bit … not the greatest pics lmao but you can see the buds are fireeeee … for my next grow I will lollypop way more

Haven’t taken weight but I filled 3/4 full of one the big mason jars so we will see

I’ll take better pics once she cures a little more


Wow chris. Beauty. I think that’s how mine would have looked. We’ll get it on the next one. I’m still impressed.
I have a decent bud of sunset by snoop I’ll compare mine too tomorrow. More crystals on mine but not as thick. So I’m pumped.
I’ll be posting them tomorrow morning so will be good. Yours was that outdoor transplant right?

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Yea the outdoor transplant that faced all that abuse


I’m very happy to see that chris.

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Love the idea of this thread I could get lost for days staring at beautiful bud :heart_eyes::joy: yas both grow some beautiful bud from what I’ve been reading lately can’t wait to see what comes next :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1:

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