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What are the possible methods being using to test how dry your buds are? (when to jar them after harvest)

  1. Dry in grobo under drying mode in the recipe section and immediately follow with curing in mason jar.
  2. You must dry buds in a mason jar before smoking.
  3. Mason jar drying can take 2 weeks or several months.
  4. Open jar 30 min 2xday for first week then daily for a week, after two weeks open less frequently but continue to store in jar.
  5. If buds get moist add Boveda packs to reduce moisture.
  6. Buds can be stored in this manner for 5yrs or longer if no moisture causes mold issues.
  7. Buds are not healthy to smoke If molded.






If you’re asking when you put them in a jar then it varies. Depends on environment and airflow, try not to have a fan blowing directly on it either try to move the air in the room more. Just be attentive, if you’re drying outside the Grobo could be 5-7+ days. Also depends if you wet trim before hanging, will decrease the overall drying time, also lessens chance of mold. I just use the bend test on a branch. I’ll bend a bud and if it snaps then it’s too dry and you’ll need to jar asap and add boveda packs. You want it to be just before the crisp break and then follow the burping stages. I’d rather be on the moist side and have to burp than have to add moisture. Hope that’s what you were kind of asking about if not then this was a wasted rant lol :+1:


Yes it does thanks. See I have to harvest 2 plants soon and in March I’m leaving for 2 weeks so I was trying to see if there was any different methods besides opening the jars everyday since I will not be home :frowning: trying to figure out a plan


Oooh yeah… gotcha. Unless you have someone you trust to burp them…lol I mean they should be burped regardless for a good cure. If you look up curing it’ll say 2 weeks but I don’t agree with that personally, I like to do a month at least.


I agree I was hoping there was a automatic machine that would do it when I was gone but haven’t seen one…lol


Found this (recently, actually) while similarly looking for a way to not forget or miss a burp during cure:

He’s got a big setup but it’d probably work at a smaller scale too.


Wow! Thanks for the video it was really :sunglasses: cool!


That was pretty cool!!


I’m considering setting up another 2x4 tent with an inline fan (and possible dehumidifier) to dry my harvest.
This is my first grow not using the grobo (which is great for drying what it grows), but I’m expecting to produce more than the unit could handle.
It’s usually around 55% RH in my house, so I could just hang dry, but my wife would not be a fan. :joy: The smell would be too strong…
I would probably just put it out in the garage instead of setting up another carbon filter.
What are y’all’s thoughts?

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What’s the humidity like in your garage? Same as the house? If so just do it in there then :+1:

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It’s not too bad, but we’ve had lots of rain lately. Just as soon as I would attempt to hang dry in the garage, I’d get a week of nonstop rain and 85% RH. :roll_eyes:
I’d rather be prepared with a more controllable environment, and not risk moldy bud.
Is what I’m considering overkill, or appropriate?


I’m looking to do that (separate dry tent) very same thing after I set up my grow tent but, I think I will vent outside.


I don’t think it’s overkill at all. Just have to adapt to what you can do, and if you need a drying tent then so be it right? I’d hate to get all the way to the end and end up with moldy bud or something else



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