Bubbler stone in Grobo tank

Is the stone supposed to be producing bubbles 24/7?

Just started my first row today and I noticed there’s no bubbles in the water and that concerns me I started with a clone And when setting up my Grabo I let it know I was starting with the clone


It should be running full time even in germination
If it’s not running send in a support ticket at support@grobo.io


I suspected as much. This is my second issue with the Grobo. A little disappointed. Can’t even start using it.

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Plug in a spare one you can buy for this grow and run it through the back. Both my units are such right now.


Hey, grower. Bubbler should work 24/7. Can you reach in and disconnect the air line from the stone? If there’s air coming out of the line but there are no bubbles from the stone when you connect it back, the problem is with the stone which I experienced myself with the Grobo fresh out of the box. Simply buy a similar one from a local pet shop and put it in or request one from Grobo. If there are no bubbles from the line, then the problem is further upstream and support should help you diagnose the issue.


Thanks. I did but a bigger pump that’s adjustable so I can control the air flow. Everything seems to be working welll now. My clone was stressed but is still alive.