Bubba Kush with Concerns

I received my Grobo one week ago and planted Bubba Kush after a lot of debate around which seed to plant as most of what I have in my seed inventory is not in the recipe section - I have genetics that are listed, but not auto-flowers, which is what I kept seeing over and over again. Even the Bubba Kush was slightly different than what I have from Humboldt Seed Organization. I have Bubba Kush Feminized (not auto-flower). I was pretty disappointed in the selection as I am not a fan of the auto-varieties.

So I planted the seed and the machine did what it was supposed to do, adding the distilled water and the lighting functioned as indicated. One week in and no germination. I checked the seed carefully with tweezers and it appears the tail is just breaking the side, so we may be OK, but I have never had a seed take this long, so I am a little skeptical we will have a winner.

While changing the water, I noticed that the Acid bottle (#2) was 3/4 empty! I am using distilled water I purchased in 1 gallon bottles from Walmart (same exact bottles the guy in last Grobo marketing video used from the email that was just sent out). There is no way that is correct, so I am very concerned that something is wrong with this unit. Has anyone else had this experience with the Grobo?

I already submitted a support ticket, but also wanted to post here. Have I made a mistake in buying this machine? I’m not having a very positive start with the Grobo and I have been a grower for many years, just not using a box like this… and it was my only Bubba Kush seed… :pensive:


Sounds like your pH and EC probes need to be calibrated.


Thank you VermontGrobo for your response, but shouldn’t that have been a setup step then?

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Hopefully @Stephen can answer that.

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I agree, sounds like pH probe calibration is in order. They are not typically necessary for first use but I have seen reports here on AG where for whatever reason a calibration was required. Also, don’t worry about recipes, use the generics.


Be a fan of not growing autos in the grobos. Your harvest will be shit period. No matter your skill. Most autos outgrow the boxes quickly. Photoperiod plants are controllable. No one is completing a harvest in 60 days here. No one.


Thank you all for your input. Support has reached out with a very nice supportive email asking me to unplug the sensor in the back and then reconnect it. They then had me check that the sensors themselves were not cracked or had any buildup on them (they looked good). I took photos and sent everything back in a reply. They are going to retest from their end and send me a new #2 bottle and balancing solutions, wanting to then do a live support call to calibrate. Very impressive customer service so far. A little speed bump, but I know we’ll hopefully get there. And since the Bubba Kush seed seems to be a no-go, I think I will try Sweet Tooth with the generic recipe linked above (thanks again for that), once the machine is working! :wink: