Bubba 76

Day: 52


Day: 55


Rich help me understand the aggressive defoliation if you will? Looks like your method is strictly a pro thing.

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Looks like he chooses the strongest branches and just focuses on them …


Honestly, with this being my 4th grow I’ve been fortunate enough to have tried several different approaches with how to get the most out of my plant. The first grow I was extremely conservative with any defoliation as I was extremely “green” in growing and my early readings had cautioned against deflation. So I followed that recommendation and was pleased to have made a harvest, however, I knew more could be achieved whether it be in biomass volume or quality I wanted to gain more. So the next grow I was a bit more brave with trimming, but did not remove enough of the secondary branches (as I call them) lost a lot of energy and nutrients that way.

I did a lot of reading and watched videos after that grow and wanted to really go after my third grow and I was happy with the quality, but compromised biomass size due to my experiments with adding a fan. So with this grow I was given seeds from a buddy out West and he’s been providing me with his steps he took with this strain when he grew it outdoors. Big difference in growing environments, but his tips have been helpful with regards to timing. Truly just allowing the bud sites to get as much light penetration as possible is my main focus and concern. I’m very encouraged by the response of the plant this time around and feel that I may have finally found what works best for me (for this strain and my environment), however, all results will vary!


So very excited for you and your progress! I look forward to watching your grow!


I also have chopped off smaller branches in favor of 5he larger ones and let the plant focus on those.


Yea I do the same all the up to like day 30 of flower …


Good morning, Sir!

I’ve sent in a new tickets with pictures. Let me know what can you recommend!

Thank you!


Please disregard ticket request. I’ve sent email confirming as well! Mystery solved!

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Day: 58

Happy to see the bounce back after the heavy defoliation just a few days ago. Trending in the right direction!


How long have you been pushing late veg for @Rich outta curiosity? She looks like a mini beast already!


Late Veg: (29/35)

I’m very happy with her so far! Definitely one of the strongest plants I’ve had at this stage! Having control to extend or progress to the next stage has also be a huge factor in the success of the plant so far.

Seems like your grow is getting off to the right start! Looking forward to seeing your progress in the coming weeks!


Even if it’s an auto Chris? And this be restricted only to the bottom correct?

By the way Rich , well done!!!

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Appreciate that!

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Thanks! Should be an exciting couple of weeks!

(62) LV (31/42)


The base on your babe is fat! :eyes::seedling: