Bruce Banner v2 (auto) day 92 total (day 22/23 flowering in updated generic auto recipe)

Today was Bruce’s water change day! I switched from the Bruce Banner recipe to the generic auto recipe 22 days ago but I am on day 92 total grow. I added 12 ml of Hydroguard. I have removed my little space heater since we are warming up now (my Grobo is in the garage) and Bruce’s leaves are getting dry (especially nearest the heater).

His roots look good!

And, bottles 3, 4, and 5 are still the only ones moving. I marked them during drain and as soon as I filled the Grobo and started taking the pics, the bottles dispensed! So, my last line is where it was during the drain today! :slight_smile:

I took some pics with my iPhone of the different branches and colas all over Bruce!

I also took some pics with the handheld microscope camera of the trichomes. Based on what I am seeing, I extended my flowering phase for a week. So, now I am on day 22/30 of flowering. I am seeking the more amber effects…insomnia and anxiety relief (“couch-lock”) so Bruce needs more time.

My question is, how often should I check the trichomes? Weekly with water changes? Or, do they change more rapidly than that, so I should check more frequently? All suggestions are appreciated!

Happy growing! :rofl::raised_hands::pray:t2::seedling::eyes:


If you haven’t switched to flush I would now. Then 5-10 days from there

Nice nice nice


@OrionsCeiling so you think I should flush now? Does it still ripen during flush? Flush means no nutrients are dispensed, right?


Actually I rescind what I said, I was looking at your later pics from the post.

You’ve got at least 2-3 weeks if you’re gonna harvest all at once. Your lower flowers will not be as mature as your tops so you may want to stagger harvest if possible. If not, you can let her go for another month and the whole plant will be fat and mature and you’ll have a couchlock effect as the trichomes will amber


@OrionsCeiling thank you!!! I will stick to the extension of a week and show you pics at the next water change! I appreciate your advice! :pray:t2::raised_hands::seedling:


They look amazing