Bruce Banner v2 (auto) day 71 (5/43 flowering)

Bruce is doing okay! He’s finally grown tall enough to hit the second fan. I only had to remove about three or four leaves that were drying up at the tips because they’re the closest to the heater. Managing the heat (temp control) inside the Grobo, while it’s in my garage during the winter, has been a daunting task. I did a full water change and added about 12 mL Hydroguard to the new water. I marked the nutrient bottles from the last water change, and only bottles 4 and 5 have dispensed. I’ve ordered a portable microscope that should connect directly to my computer for much better pictures of the trichomes. I took some pictures on 10 x zoom with my iPhone and then adding an extra lens to the iPhone to see if I could make them clearer. I have some jewelers loupes and can see the trichomes are nice and translucent and Bruce’s pistils are growing beautifully. He’s on cruise control! :seedling::raised_hands::crazy_face:


Is your #3 nutrient bottle pinched or something?
All others look right except that one.
Check your line or recalibrate.


Good afternoon, @Bplatinum9! I just replaced that bottle at the mid-week water fill up a few days ago, and it doesn’t look like it’s moved at all since then. I had replaced bottles four and five at a water change, which was two weeks ago (Sunday). They have definitely changed since the last water change, but I figured bottle three just wasn’t needed in these last couple of days? I will double check my lines though. Thank you!!! :raised_hands::seedling:


Just be sure to recalibrate before you start another grow! :eyes::seedling:


@Bplatinum9 oh, yes! I’ve also learned, by reading what folks say on here, that I should take pictures of how everything is set up inside it so I can remember how to put it all back when I clean everything! LOL!!! I’ll still probably messed that up and I’ll need help remembering how to put it all back. :rofl::rofl:


Well its a good thing your hanging out with allgrowers!
The team has got you covered! :eyes::seedling: