Bruce Banner v2 (auto) day 64 (19/21 transition)

Bruce is doing great! I did a water change today and added about 15 mL of Hydroguard. Gave Bruce a little bit of a haircut with the largest leaves that were blocking anything below them. Tried to take some pictures with the new clip-on magnifier on my iPhone to test how it works. No real movement on the bottles since the last water change. So far, I extended late vegetation stage by seven days, and I had extended this transition phase by seven days, so I am 14 days behind where the recipe would have me if I stuck to it. Since Bruce is an auto, I really don’t know if it matters but it’s good to know for next time. I’ll check on him midweek. :seedling::raised_hands:


Your right about lighting not really mattering for an auto! :eyes::seedling:


@Bplatinum9 thank you for confirming! :seedling::raised_hands:

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