Bruce Banner v2 (auto) day 57 (12/21 transition)

Today was water change day for Bruce! I also added a larger air stone to the back corner, but my Grobo one is still working fine. I added 10 ml of Hydroguard to the clean water. I also noticed bottles 3, 4, and 5 are almost empty, so I installed a new 4 and 5, but I am holding off on bottle 3 because it’s not quite empty like the others. I will check it each day and replace it when necessary.

I cut off some of the big leaves who were blocking the growing little ones. I took a 10x zoom pic on my iPhone of the top of Bruce to see how he is changing…and he is! :grin:

Keeping Bruce warm is still my biggest challenge, but keeping the Grobo in my garage is my only option. I am constantly manipulating the space heater to maximize the light on Bruce from the top of the Grobo, so this week it is floating in the upper corner. It takes awhile for the Grobo to get back to a good temp when I leave the door open to do these tasks, but it does eventually. I like peeking in on him with my Blink camera. :eyes: I have a fan ready, but I am not using it yet.

So…he seems to be on cruise control! Pictures from today’s events are below. I hope this finds you all doing well! Happy growing! :seedling::raised_hands::rofl:


nice! Looks like I’m seeing some pistils If I’m not mistaken… Bruce startin to flower :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for all your help during this grow @pyromancy! This has been a fun journey! I am learning a lot! :raised_hands::seedling::rofl:


Looking gd :eyes::+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Really nice plants


Bruce Banner v2 (auto) day 60 (15/21 transition) update!

Just a quick peek at how Bruce is doing midweek! He’s happy and pistils are forming! :seedling::raised_hands:


Woo! Definitely some pistils now :slight_smile:

Great to see!