Bruce Banner v2 (auto) day 48 (3/14 of transition)

Bruce still looks good. I went ahead and did a water change today (Friday) because I’m going out of town this weekend and will not be back until Monday. The water change usually happens on a Sunday. I added 12 mL of Hydroguard to the new water. The Grobo is not staying as warm inside when the heater is moved up in the air like that. Probably because the heat is not blowing near the lower fan that is on. My additional fan is not plugged in yet. I’m waiting for the Grobo community to tell me when it’s time for me to start using my additional fan. I had to move the heater up into the air because Bruce is getting so wide, I don’t want his leaves touching the heating element. I also mark the nutrient bottles during this water change, so I can see how much is used by next time. Bottles 3, 4, and 5 are the only ones that are making any changes. Bottles 1 and 2 have not moved at all. I took the close-up pictures on the 10 x zoom on my iPhone of the very top of Bruce. Otherwise he looks like he’s on cruise control. :slight_smile: :rofl::raised_hands::seedling::hourglass_flowing_sand:


Hey there @HappyHappyJoyJoy,
Plant looks good but can you tell me why you have a heater inside, is it in your garage or something? Just curious!
Your good to use a fan after early veg as long as its just a low/mini fan that won’t damage leaves with a gust of air.


Good evening, @Bplatinum9! Yes! My Grobo is in my garage and the temps outside range from freezing to the 50s, so I was having a heck of a time keeping the Grobo temps where they should be. So, the smallest space heater I could find was my answer. It still is not warm enough at night, but during the day it is perfect on there. Bruce seems to be plugging along nonetheless. The water temps are holding their own too. I bought a water heater for a small fish tank in case I needed to heat the water, but Bruce seems ok, so I have not used it. I have not used my extra fan because I am struggling to keep the temp up as it is, so I am leaving it off for now. I do like having my Blink camera in there, so I can see him anytime! :rofl::raised_hands:


Sounds awesome!!! Makes sense to me! Some people put there grobo inside of a tent, I know gorilla grow has a tent called the shorty. Just thinking outloud incase you need a plan b or c! :eyes::seedling:



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