Bruce Banner v2 (auto) day 43 (19/21 extended late veg by 7 days)

Today is water change day! I gave Bruce his first haircut. I only remove the big fan leaves and things that were never going to see the light. I noticed some of the new leaves are coming in a little lighter green than others have in the past, so I’m gonna keep an eye on those. Bottles 3, 4, and 5 are the only ones that had any movement since the last water change. I added 10 mL of Hydroguard to the new water. I turned the space heater around to face the fans to see if having the fans blow the warm air back in will help warm it up inside the Grobo because it’s still pretty chilly in there at night (it’s in my garage and it’s close to freezing outside). I may need to add a water heater for the water tank? Will that help? Otherwise, he looks pretty good! Soooo, what should I expect next?

Pre-haircut pics during water change. And those lighter green leaves coming in.

Post-haircut pics and current nutrient lines.


Hair cut :slight_smile:

Well, I hope the space heater helps get some hot air inside the Grobo. I don’t see why it shouldn’t help a bit.

I haven’t heard of anyone using a water heater in the Grobo, no idea how that would work! Maybe you’ll be the first?

Looks like the haircut went well. Did you top a branch on accident? Looks like a growth tip you cut off. My first defoliation of my plant I cut an entire branch off on accident. heh.

All the newer green stuff is normal, that’s just the sign of the new growth coming in nicely. Lot of those older green leaves get darker over time, will keep continuing that way as your plant grows.

Also, I could just be seeing your stipules or possibly the way the picture looks, but are these pistils in this pic?

Hard to tell, I could be wrong, but my autoflower started showing right around the same age your plant is currently.


Good morning, @pyromancy! I have no idea if they’re pistils or not. I was hoping you guys would tell me! LOL! :crazy_face::raised_hands::rofl: I trimmed off anything that was definitely never going to see light and yes…I accidentally took one that was trying to grow something, but oh well, jingle bell. It was my first haircut. I’m using my iPhone 11 to take the pictures. I can try to zoom in all the way to the 10 to take another picture. Should I focus on taking pictures where the branches meet the stalk?


Yeah if you can zoom in on that area from the picture… the calyxes and pistils should be forming from main nodes. Possibly a side aspect view; hard to see past the growth tips there as to where the stuff is actually coming from with the top view

No harm no foul, your plant will continue to shoot many many branches off in the future, most definitely will have a replacement for that one.


Hey, @pyromancy! This is the same area using the 10 zoom on my iPhone. What should I be looking for?


Hmm, not seeing much in that picture. I think what I was pointing to was below that top node on the main stalk it seems like, looks like those pics are focused up on the top node/growth

Like I said I could be wrong tho too! Hahaha… pictures can be deceiving with these plants. Stipules can look like pistils or even little new leaves can appear white sometimes depending

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I’ll try again in a few days, @pyromancy! I love how every time I look down on the plant using my Blink camera, the leaves have moved and Bruce has grown! :seedling::raised_hands::crazy_face::hourglass_flowing_sand:


Nice :+1:t2: :dash::seedling:


Loving the hard work! She looks great and healthy nice shots too :+1:


Hey! Whats the best thing hydro guard is for when mixing with the water? Should I use it when starting my first grow and first fill or water? Just wanted to know and learn… is there any natural healthy additives u can put with the water ever fill up to help growth and healthy roots and flower or can help the terpene get stronger? Or just leave it as that fresh water and let the grobo bottles do there job alone?


Good evening, @Dank_Of_America_420! I use the Hydroguard at each water change. I simply use a long injector needle and a syringe, and I inject it, while the water is filling, right into the reservoir. I can’t remember who it was they gave me the idea to do it that way, but it was someone on this forum. They suggested that way because eventually it will become too hard to lift the lid to expose the water reservoir once the plant grows large. I simply follow the instructions on the back of the Hydroguard bottle as to how much to add. Otherwise, I just let the Grobo do its thing. I use a sharpie pen, and I draw a line on the nutrient bottles at each water change, so I can see how much they’ve changed. I also have an entire set of nutrient bottles as back ups. Someone on here mentioned that I’ll probably run out of something during my grow, so I made sure I have back ups. My seed is an auto, so I’m watching it do its thing, and listening to the folks on here with a lot more experience. Good luck with your grow! I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures and your progress! :seedling::hourglass_flowing_sand::raised_hands::rofl::pray:t2:


Thanks for the info!

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Good evening, @pyromancy! I used the 10x zoom on my iPhone and took this picture of the very top of Bruce.

Bruce still looks happy post haircut yesterday. And, look how much he drank since yesterday! I made the last sharpie lines during yesterday’s water change! So, what do you think? This is day 44 (20/21 of late veg that was extended by 7 days). Bruce is an auto from ILGM. Thank you for any advice!