Bruce Banner feminize

I don’t use it but the people I have read about follow the instructions on the bottle. The reservoir of the Grobo is always between 2.5 and 3 gallons.

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I hope it don’t mess with the girl bro recipe

It won’t, there are many many people who use and I have never heard of someone overdosing their plant on hydroguard.

If it makes you feel more confident, Grobo actually recommends the stuff.

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I have my temperature under control for now Will probably use it when he gets hot out

Day 11 early veg

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Bruce Banner feminized Day 7 of the early veg day 17 of Grow

I added a tank cooler I think I have my environment under control now


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Day 22 early veg 12 of 14 I think it’s doing good
Going to do a little research on CO2

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Well I think I am giving up on my plan today I squeeze the stem at the bottom too early and it did not recover the plant is just shriveling not not growing at all

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tank cooler? can you share the setup?

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I bought the cheapest one that was on Amazon and the pump was not strong enough to push it through their system so I got another USB pump and now it works fine I just routed the hose through the back of the Grobo I remove the door and got them up the side when I change the water I have to unplug the cooler and let the pump run through four a few minutes or else when I try to start it back up I have to siphon the hose to get The water flow to start again


Didn’t get it on Amazon got it on eBay just search Google for a tank coolers