Brown tips and bud - master kush

Hi - I have brown tips on the leaves, been a theme for a while now and some buds are also brown and dried out.

I thought the dried out buds were caused from being too close to the lights, but one bud is lower is still got dried out.

I’m on day 93 and overall looks good (trichomes still clear) but wondering if there is something to do different next time to avoid dried out buds?


Likely burnt and youll have to cut them off to prevent rot

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Is there anything to do differently to avoid this next time?

Maybe a fan?

Dont grow so high or adjust the plants with straps or something to bend and hold ut differently
I usually snap and bend the stalk where i want

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  • (I would TopUp Water Levels More Often With Large Plants -And- Dry Locations):

  • (You’veDoneWell): :green_thumb:

  • (ExtraFanHelpsPreventWithBudRot): -And- (HelpsCirculateAir):

- - -

  • (If Your Plant Is Thirsty Then With The [App.Hit.Fill] The App. Should Stop Automatically):

  • (The Nutrients Will Be Fixed If Needed Automatically As Well):

- - -

- - -

  • (YesIWouldGetHerFlushingDefinitely): :green_thumb:


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If it’s not saying my plant is thirsty, how much do I add and could this throw off the nutrient amounts if done before needed?

I see amber / cloudy trichomes,is it time to move to flush mode? I’m on Day 96, 9 days before flower stage ends.

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