Broken pumps

Anyone have an issue where the drain fill commands dont work?. Besides a power cycle what did you do to fix it?


I had to unplug my unit and replug.

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Support is working with me on this issue now.

I’ve unplugged and plugged it in twice. Haven’t moved it and only opened it a couple times literally since the first fill. I dont believe something came unplugged, cause there is a droning noise. Something similar happened to my 1st unit on a previous update.
Let me know what your issue was ultimately plz :slight_smile:

My issue is it doesn’t drain fully and then when it does, I’m unable to refill without unplugging and replugging.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think it’s suppsoed to fully drain. It’s to my understanding when you drain, it leaves a tiny bit of water in the bottom so that the sensors don’t go dry.

You could be right. That’s what I would like to know. But the lights are also supposed to signal as well, correct me if I’m wrong because this is an issue also.

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Hey @SterlingNico & @dDown1 Here’s what I recall, when the lower float sensor is triggered the program continues to pump out for another 10 to 15 seconds in attempt to drain as much as possible. At this point the pH sensor and the EC sensor are no longer in any water. This will not cause any harm to the sensors if you are going to do the fill right away. A few minutes of the sensors exposed to no liquid will not impact anything. :+1:

Let’s start a ticket to get you squared away @Todd.grobo.


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Have one in from Friday. Also can you check on sensations @Stephen she looks like more chem burn on the new leaves

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I’ve had this issue for 3 or so weeks now and have done the same thing as everyone else. Unplugged, rebooted after a support ticket with instructions. Still today keeps draining and draining won’t stop. Getting very annoyed. Unplugged again which can not be good for the unit and filled the unit. The unit did not dose nutrients again for the second time.

Hey @Ctaylor684, the issue of the pump not stopping happened to me on my first grow and I was freaking out because I thought the pump would burn out. Make sure your drain hose is far enough down in the tank so that the level goes low enough for the sensor to drop and trigger the drain completed. If that’s not the problem verify that the float on the bottom water level sensor isn’t stuck or snagged on something.

If both of those isn’t the issue it could be a poorly connected wire on the sensor it self or a defective sensor.


Another fix is if for some reason your drain hose isn’t hitting the bottom, go to a hardware store and get an extension you can connect to ensure it’s hitting the bottom, and can then drain properly! Good luck :+1::v: