Blueberry Indica(Canuck Seeds Fem) - First Grow - Harvested

thanks thats a great article royal queen seeds has a good one too.


applied 2 coats of clear rubber seal spray and let it cure overnight on rack.
did another lite trim to the undergrowth, i replaced the hooks and wires with the scrog self. 3 of the taller branches in the back right are being pushed down and bent clockwise atm I think just tucking for now to see if this lets the other branches that are abit lower around the perimeter now get more light and time to develop higher.
keeping shelf to the right leaves enough room for the drain and fill hose to go in and out without shifting it.
also did a midweek fill just seems to be what people recommend


so its day 41 overall day 17/21 of late veg.
Im noticing the spots seem to be spreading to the newer growth leafs as well so I’m not sure what could be causing that, as well some tips of leafs seem to be browning slightly…
otherwise I’m still trimming undergrowth a little at a time and tucking taller branches clockwise trying to give other lower branches time to develop.
Would anyone suggest adding a second week to the late veg cycle at this point?
Overall height is about top of first fan, if i untuck the bend branches there’s a couple that would almost reach the bottom of the second.


I would extend late veg until it reaches the second fan. A week or two.


I second this. Pending the strain you are currently growing, I typically like to get the plant between 12” - 15” before flipping to flower. Again, each plant will have a different stretch, but definitely get the plant as close to the second fan before going flipping to flower. Plant is looking great so far :+1:t3: looking forward to seeing your harvest!


k thanks for the feed back, I’ll add another week and see how things progress :slight_smile:
it is a pure indica blueberry from canuck seeds
ironically my FIMM seems to have lead to a single central branch regrowing plus the two from the initial cutting so it looks like 3 somehow LOL.


Happy Thanksgiving from the great white north.
Completed drain and fill yesterday, tried to adjust the branches abit more…looks like i need to trim few more branches.
On an indica like this how often is the norm for trimming? I’ve read Stephen say about 20% at a time but not sure how long to wait between…or is it every day or two as long as the plant doesn’t start to wilt or curl?(more finesse vs settime)


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving…

I give my plants at least 48 hours to recover from any trimming and training before considering more.

A lot of opinions on this matter based on less science. Some folks prefer to bend and tuck fan leaves rather than trim as it doesn’t force the plant to utilize energy to repair/recover the lost parts trimmed. Cases can be made for both processes.

Others like myself see wasted energy and trim often especially in veg and the major defoliation just prior to flip to 12/12. Want the plant to focus its energy on making buds not leaves. I will continue to trim/defoliate pretty much from veg to just prior to flush.

It looks like your plant leaves in one of the pictures (bottom right side) have some signs of deficiencies, but the new growth looks okay. You may want to get rid of those if nothing else. The negative to trimming is needing more time to allow the plants to heal as well as leaving the plant susceptible to infections. Neither are a concern for me in a controlled space with a photo genome.

Rule of thumb from what I’ve read is never remove more than 1/3rd of plant at once and allow for time to recover between trimming. In the limited space you have in the grobo imo trimming is a requirement not an option. Based on these pics it appears that nothing below the trellis is getting light. Just remember to go slow and steady. Can’t put anything back on once removed. If you want to play it safe Start trimming a little, revisit in 48 hours and trim again if necessary.

To allow light to penetrate further into the canopy you can do selective pruning or follow the easier method of removing the bottom growth that won’t amount to much of anything at end game.

This may help more for those that prefer visuals

Crop, top, lollipop :lollipop: info to read here

As you near flipping to flower you may consider reading this one as well
Defoliation near and in flower


I’m with you on this approach. My first grow I took the approach of tucking, however, with the next (3) grows I was more proactive with trimming and found the plant responded much better. My current grow I’ve been a bit more aggressive and it’s been paying off early on.


I agree Rich and would advise Drake to crop the bottom 3rd, but for those In the grobo that have low humidity issues they could opt to leave some of those leaves on. These leaves will improve your humidity. Removing them will show a dip in rH. Pretty widely accepted by professionals that optimal rH during veg is 60-75% and it’s semi-important. You can grow with less for sure.

Part of the fun of growing cannabis for me is getting hands on and training the plants. It’s been my experience that trimming, cropping, defoliating improves yields as well. Doing so to allow more airflow and light penetration.

I guess there is no right or wrong answer as it’s mostly personal preference. Ive noticed that plants that I grow outdoors do better with less defoliation as those leaves protect them from an assortment of assaults such as heavy rains, extreme heat ect… my current tent grow plants have undergone extensive training and cropping. As each topping is done and new fan leaves start growing I removed the below sets of fan leaves and continue to move upward. This is done so the plant focuses its energy on the parts of the plant that will produce buds not continuing to grow those leaves. It does slow growth as those fan leaves were feeding the plant, but there are also drawing energy so there is the tradeoff.

This pic was taken about a week or 2 ago. There are no fan leaves at all on the bottom half of the plant. This was done over time and not in a single cropping. This plant has been in veg for roughly 6 weeks.

This past week I ended up removing all other supports and adding some new ones. Making room for the stretch.

I’ve been doing this on all of my current tent plants and they’re all very happy receiving the maximum amount of light possible. Plenty of light penetrating the canopy to the base manifold.

This is the top section (even canopy)



thx for the feedback. I have seen other pics with the line but since this is so stocky i am abit worried about over trimming.
I’ll do some more on the lower stuff but the 48hr idea seems like something I can use to get a better feel.

This is my first grow in general not just grobo so theres alot get comfortable with, Partially why I’m being so thorough with log on this one…figure if something goes catastrophically wrong or right I’ll be able to reference again for next time.


I can understand that. cannabis left to its own devices will grow like weeds. I completely empathize with not wanting to hurt or over stress your plant and being new. I want everyone here to grow successfully so my advice is from my personal experiences not suggesting anyone follow my path. To each their own…

If you do a little cropping at a time you will get more comfortable w/ this process and will learn how much you can take off without over-stressing your plant. You can bend branches slowly in ideal directions. The next day they’ll be right back were they were previously which is why I use tiedowns to force their growth into the area I desire.

Bend a leaf downwards, when you come back later in the day you’ll see that leaf has bounced right back.

The most important part of any of this is to go slow and steady. You can’t put anything back on. If you remove a little here and there or twice a week you won’t be overwhelmed with a massive bush later. It’s much harder to train a plant as it matures than training it when the nodes are first started. For your plant, I would remove the fan leaves with spots on them. This will clean a little bit up and get some more practice. In the pics above I posted of my Grow I leave little numbs from my cuts rather than cut as close as possible to the main stems. I try to get in at an angle as well rather than a straight flush cut. I have a few reasons for this which will strengthen the plant as it grows, but more importantly to ward off possible infection of the whole plant.

Always leave some fan leaves on your plant. Not only do they power your plant. They will also be your indicator to ph or nute issues. These issues indicate themselves on fan leaves first. While I’m aware you won’t be removing that much I felt it was important to put that out there in case someone else reads this


Haircut and a shave :slight_smile:


Much better and didn’t remove anything important! Well done Drake. Was easypeasy

You could even go a little further and remove the remaining bits if you want. These will amount to nada later

No worries and no rush, you have plenty of time and opportunity to defoliate again

Keep an eye out of the next few days to see if your ph/nutrient issues come back (spotted leaves). Top section looks really healthy

If you’re interested in how the pros do it check out this video below. I wouldn’t recommend taking off this much of the plant at once, but these guys do and their plants turn out well. I prefer the slow and steady approach rather than cropping it all in one shot. Guess when you have massive gardens/grow rooms too many man hours would be spent trimming each plant every few days.

Defoliate before flower


thx for the link that defoliate video is cool (scary tho LOL)

Day 45 overalll

Late Vegetation (Day 21 / 28)

just another trim of underbrush and couple of the large fan leafs on top that were covering a lot

in back left corner.


been couple days things seem to be progressing slow but steady,decided to trim some of the biggest fan leafs on top that were covering a lot of new growth to expose them better as well as trimming a few more leafs under the canopy that weren’t going to get any real light took a top down picture of before trim and after.


Really nice plant! Right nodes even canopy, good green color overall. I’d suggest cleaning up some of the inner growth to get some light down in there :v::man_dancing::man_dancing:


thx! I was thinking that i might try and take about 5 more large fan leafs or so… but chickened out LOL
i’ll try and open up the middle more next trim


She’s gorgeous :+1::v::fire::fire:


How do you determine the height to start doing scrog nets?