Blueberry harvest report

Hello all,

I just harvested my Blueberry this afternoon. I was able to get 5.2 oz. of wet fully trimmed bud. For the first time I am using HerbsNow to dry them! This is my second harvest in the Grobo and I have over double of my first harvest. image|375x500


Guessing dried weight at 60.
What do you feel compared to your first?
What did you learn this time you didnt know last time

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Thanks for responding. My last grow, Mazar Kush, I ended up schwazzing her without knowledge of what I was doing. I also accidentally trimmed 2 bud sites off.

This grow, I went with a more natural grow with light trimming and doing some regular cropping so she wouldn’t hit the light.

I’m also doing a tent grow which has taught me a lot more about growing.


Know whats going in next?

Where did you get the dryer? They don’t have a site anymore.

Right now I have a pretty big tent grow going on-Spiritual Punk. I’m in the 3rd week of Flower.

Once I harvest that I will be doing Cheese Auto in the Grobo. It was a free seed from True North seed bank.


I’m not sure what happened to the website. I know they run out quick when they have them so maybe he just took it down for now.

Just about 2nd week in my tent. Not nearly as big as yours. Definitely think my lights are of a low quality but free is free lol. How often are you watering those atm

I’m watering every 3 days or so. I was told by a veteran grower to not overwater. I just wait until the plants are light when I pick them up. They are in 5 gallon fabric pots. Generally use 3/4 gallon per plant. When I change the nutrient schedule I will water until I get good run off and let them sit for 2 hours then I dose the new nutrients.

I’ve been using the advanced nutrients regimen and I use recharge every 10 days. Very noticeable difference when you dose your own nutrients.

I’m growing 5 plants right now and it’s going to be way too much. I think I will grow 1 in the Grobo and 2-3 in the tent from now on

What are you using for a light right now?


Yeah im about 3 to 4 days in between.
Just some cheap model. Looked it up like 80 bucks or something so wasnt sure it would be good enough but came as a grow kit my friend bought. If it goes well maybe in 2021 ill get a better led panel light when i have a job.

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