Blue Dream Scheduling Mishap

Day 1 of transition :rocket: :blush:

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Most say to trim before transition and then again early flowering but in your case id give her a solid week to see where she goes and try tucking the leaves as long as you can. Or scrog.


Great looking plant. I’m with Todd, lollipop and flip to transition immediately. She’s a fast grower, she’s going to streeetch.


Thanks. Sounds like a good plan. I will be scrogging in the next day or two. Should I supercrop or just start bending the branches down ever so slightly?

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Nice! I’ll be doing my first photoperiod which is Blue Dream CBD Kush :slight_smile: I’ll be watchin!


Honestly I would just let her do her thing Jewel, it’s a little late in the game for ScrOG and I wouldn’t recommend super cropping until she has stretched to a desirable height.

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