Blue AK

image Two of my Blue AK’s; Blue Dream OG x AK47. Had six, phenotyped to two the two photos on the right are the same as is the two on the left. 3x3 Tent, Nextlite Core. 50:50 Coco/soil (Soil 50:50 Foxfarm Oceanic to Foxfarm Happy Frog). Foxfarm Trio as the base, FF Cutivation Nation Flower (PK Boost), Cal/Mag, Recharge, Kelp, Flower Fuel (good all around booster between Recharge and FF PK booster, Silica, SuperThrive and Molasses.
Just starting FloraFlex nutrient line, actually that’s why I am here to find out others experience with FloraFlex. I will continue to use SuperThrive, Recharge, CalMag, Raw Silica and Raw Molasses. 2-(3td germinated but never sprouted) Growers Choice Seeds Gorilla Glue Auto and 1- AK Auto from Growers Choice Seeds just dropped seed in water today to replace the one that didn’t sprout. Growing in Coco, this will be my first autoflower grow; forty years outside with three years inside.

Disregard the above regarding photos, new user can only have one pic. Best Phenotype